Advantages of uPVC Windows and Doors:

windows Dust proof -no more piles of dust in your home windows Sound proof – thanks to double sealant you will experience completely peaceful atmosphere
windows Water proof – no more rain water in your home windows Energy saving – save up to 30 % of your electricity bills during the summer season
windows Burglar proof – with special multi point locking system Hardware    

Heat Transmission

Softline AD70

Profile system:

Double glazing ug = 2.6W/(m2k).

  • Inside opening tilt&turn window
  • Sash with glazing bead inside
  • Frame 67 mm (article no.101.208)
  • Sash 80 mm (article no.103.232)
  • Glazing bead for 24 mm
  • Double glazing (article no.107.214)

System features:

Profile width: 70 mm
5 Chamber frames and sash profiles with galvan steel reinforcement
Sash profile options:

  • Flush
  • Half flush
  • Recessed

2 Sealing levels (inside + outside)
Wide range of profiles

Energy Savings=Money Saving
Example for 1 Window

Total window area 3000 x 2200 = 6.6 m2
Glass area 5.4 m2
Frame area 1.2 m2
U-value single glazing 5.8 W/m2k
U-value double glazing 2.6 W/m2k
Difference in U-value between single&double glazed glass 5.8 - 2.6 = 3.2 W/m2k
U-value aluminium profile 7.5 W/m2k
U-value upvc profile (70A0) 1.3 W/m2k
Temperature difference between inside and outside = 22°k
Average airconditioning running time in uae houses = 10 hours/day

Energy saving per window
(2.6W x 5.4m2 + 6.2W x 1.2m2) x 20°k x 10hours = 4.725 kW/day

Energy savings per day per window (as per example shown)

 4.725 kW/day

Present energy cost average

 0.40,- Dhs/kW

Total value of energy saved per day per 1 window in this apartement

 4.725 Dhs x 0.40,- Dhs


 1.89,- Dhs

  • Energy savings of approx. 1.89,- Dhs / day / 1 window
  • Energy savings of approx   690,- Dhs / yers / 1 window